Wheal Clean "Eco" Valeting Unit 12a Edhen PK, Harvey Rd, Truro TR1 2XW

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“Waterless” Car wash & ValetingCleans, seals, polishes & protects in one easy step without using any water!

Waterless & Eco friendly car valeting service. On this site you can see how our valeting company differs to that of the conventional valeting company. You can also shop here for the Eco friendly car care that we use in our  valeting units. What our company provides is a unique waterless car wash solution. The products that we use offer a unique Eco friendly waterless car valeting system - just apply and wipe. It keeps your car clean without a single drop of water. To clean a car the conventional way, with a power washer and bucket, a valeter can use up to approximately 100 litres of water to clean a car. With the environment now very much at the forefront of our everyday life we are concentrating on making car valeting an almost totally Eco friendly service by using no water when cleaning cars. All of the products we use are Eco friendly and bio degradable.protect your car in one application without using water. 

The advanced Green Clean ™ formula contains a number of industry 1st ingredients, that work together to replace water and all of the products normally used for bodywork, chrome, glass, plastic and wheels. And is made from plant extract it's 100% Eco friendly

Spray Green Clean ™ on to the surface and it immediately begins a cross linked process. Dirt & contaminants are softened & broken down and suspended in a microscopic Jelly bean, This blankets the surface & prevents the possibility of scratching, As this is taking place Poly guard ™ bonds with the surface. Wipe the dirt away and buff, Your left with a brilliant shine and a protective barrier that will help repel water and dirt & provide UV protection for up to 4 months. 

I have been trading as a business since May 2007 and have been using Waterless valeting for over 5 years with great results. As well as a mobile valeting service I have an All weather workshop in Newham Truro, TR1 2XW( opposite MJB Tyres) offering services from a basic hand car wash (wet) To a full valet & also 3year wax protection

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Our Goals
  • To provide the best customer service possible.
  • Help to stop global warning with my enviromentally friendy products
  • To provide a unique service to cornwall






                                            Wheal Clean Valeting
                                     Unit 12a Edhen Park
                                           Harvey Rd
                                       Truro TR1 2XW
                       (Just up from The Royal mail sorting office)
                                    Tel 07521 476 088
                       Email whealclean@hotmail.co.uk