Wheal Clean "Eco" Valeting Unit 12a Edhen PK, Harvey Rd, Truro TR1 2XW

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Could it scratch?
No . Green Clean TM  contains high quality emulsifiers t soften and breakdown the dirt and a lubricant to protect the surface. It's far more "car friendly" than washing with water, which creates  a scouring process rubbing dirt into the surface, resulting in feather scratches or swirls. It is also a miss conception that rinsing 1st will stop scratching this only removes loose dirt particles.
What can it be used on.?
It can be used on bodywork, chrome, glass, hard plastic, metal, wheels, fibreglass and most non-porous surfaces.
How long does it take.?
Normally 20-30 mins depending of size of car. Compared to a traditional wash & wax which can take well over an hour
Can it be used on any paint colour & finish.?
How long will the Polyguard (TM) protective barrier last.?
Up to 4 months. This is considerably longer than wax based products, which typically last only 1 month. Each application removes the existing product, keeping the finish and protection at its optimum.
Does it contain Silicone, Teflon or Wax.?

                                            Wheal Clean Valeting
                                     Unit 12a Edhen Park
                                           Harvey Rd
                                       Truro TR1 2XW
                       (Just up from The Royal mail sorting office)
                                    Tel 07521 476 088
                       Email whealclean@hotmail.co.uk