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Why not treat someone with a gift of a full valet or any of my other packages just click on the pay now link next to the item you would like & then contact me I will send a gift voucher .

I offer a wide range of services to suit your needs, from a basic wash to paint restoration. To both the public & businesses, I also  specialise in preparing cars for sale

Discounts available for multiple bookings.

If you would like to pre pay & book please complete the purchase on this page & then use the contact us page to give the time & date of the booking and also the reg & vehicle model.


Package 1 (basic) Mobile Prices

  • Dry wash & exterior windows
  •     Prices from Just 5.00 (mobile only)
  • Wet Hand Car wash & wheels (workshop only)
  • Prices from just 3.00

Package 2

  •   wash & hoover plus windows and alloy wheels                     

  •   Prices From just £7.00

Package 3

  •  Wash & wax plus windows inside and out plus wheels and inside vacumed
  •  Prices from just £10.00

PAckage 3 ( small & Standard car) £10.00

package 3 Estate Car/ 4 x 4,  £11.00

package 3 M.P.V 7 + seats £12.00

Package 4 (Mini Valet) booking advisable

  •  Wash, wax plus windows inside & out plus wheels, trims, dash, hoover & door shuts
  • Prices From Just £20.00
Dicounts avalible for multible bookings

package 4 mini valet ( small & standard size car) £20.00

mini valet est & 4 x 4's £22.00

mini valet 7+ seats M.P.V £23.00

Package 5 (full valet) booking advisable

  • includes all the above + Seats & carpets cleaned + boot, floor mats, tyres cleaned & dressed + exterior platstics dressed + screen wash topped up

  • Prices from just £30.00

full valet small car £30.00

full valet (Standard & Est cars)  £35.00

full valet 4x4 , M.P.V 7 Seats+ £40.00

Paintwork Protection booking advisable

Teflon Small & standard size car £20.00

Teflon Estate, 4x4, mpv's £30.00

3 year Ultra-seal Teflon Wax protection includes wash,
 Protect your cars paintwork

Ultra Seal is a 'one-step' product which means that it simply has to be applied over your car's bodywork once, and instantly the nanoparticles bond to the surface creating an unrivalled ultra-protective barrier, shielding your car's surface from the elements.

#This highly-durable barrier then prevents water, etc. from  touching your car's surface because of the ultra-hydrophobic property of Teflon. Your car becomes a non-stick flying pan, if you like. Literally nothing will stick to it. Water will simply run off taking most of the dirt particles with it. Water will bead beautifully for up to 3 years! Did I mention that before? 3 years 

recently purchased a new car, you may have been offered a dealer's own service to 'protect your cars paintwork'. The dealer then describes how your new pride and joy will get ruined if you do not maintain the paintwork sufficiently. They may even offer guarantees regarding the length of time their protection will last, potentially up to 6 years, and then the price comes - £300, this product offers the same protection as Diamond brite or supaguard but at a fraction of the price+ it's guaranteed for  3years or your money back

Prices From just £20.00

Fabric & carpet protection

protect your seats & carpets from stains, any spillages simply just wipe away.

Prices start from just £10.00

paint restoration work also undertaken
please call for details.

All prices stated are based on small size car, price's for standard, estates, m.p.v's, 4 x 4's and vans are slightly higher please call or email for a quote.

                                            Wheal Clean Valeting
                                     Unit 12a Edhen Park
                                           Harvey Rd
                                       Truro TR1 2XW
                       (Just up from The Royal mail sorting office)
                                    Tel 07521 476 088
                       Email whealclean@hotmail.co.uk